šikmá veža Vrbové

Slovak leaning tower in Vrbové

Although Vrbové is a small city near Piešťany with a little less than 6 thousand inhabitants it is rich in history. First mentions from 12th century thanks to strategic position near the castles. Most of Jewish inhabitants in the region were located here in a ghetto and later deported during the WW2 to Auschwitz.

Historic sights of Vrbové

Socha Móric Beňovský a šikmá veža vo Vrbovom

The most important sight is a leaning tower near Church of Saint Martin. The tower is high 38,16 meter including the cross and was built in classical style with base of 6,5 x 6,5 meters. It was finished in 1835 and started to lean later due to heavy rains and flooding of the soil in 1930. At the end of 20th century the leaning was measured precisely for 98-99 cm away from the axis. It is therefore called Slovak Pisa, even though the more famous tower hasis leaning 4 meters with a height of 56 metres.

Synagóga VrbovéSynagóga v meste Vrbové

There is a old synagogue from the end of 19th century. Reconstruction is blocked by residential and real estate conflicts.

Vrbové - kúria Mórica Beňovského

Birthplace of Móric Beňovský

Móric Beňovský | Vrbové

Móric Beňovský was a famous Slovak explorer, writer and soldier. He was the first Slovak who travelled on 4 continents and first European to sail the northern Pacific ocean. During his journey he was also acknowledged and named king of Madagascar.

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