Skalnaté pleso - Tatras Slovakia

Skalnaté pleso and Lomnicky peak

We wanted to finish our short trip to Tatras in big style with trip to the second highest peak in Slovakia - Lomnický štít. We unfortunately did not orther the tickets to the cablecar to the top of the mountain, so we had to admire it from below.

lanovka na lomnický štít

We respected the tourists who hiked to the top, some of them probably love fitness, maybe others were not willing to pay 18€ for the cablecar roundtrip 😉 If you plan to visit High Tatras in a larger group I recommend to buy  tickets via e-shop, you will defintely spare some time in the ques in Tatranská Lomnicatabule skalnaté plesoSkalnaté pleso

Skalnaté pleso is a mountain lake in 1754 metres above sea level. It is quite shallow and has a lovely clear water. Always dress properly, because even if it is realy sunny in a couple of minutes you might freeze in the coulds and rain.

The big clouds finally dissapeared and we could enjoy the amazing views at the top of Slovakia mountains.

Lomnický štít, Vysoké Tatry

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